5 Unique Ideas for your Something Blue

5 Unique Ideas for your Something Blue

Something blue stands for love, purity, and fidelity. Most weddings incorporate a “something blue” in some way to honor this representation. There are so many ways to include this, but we’ve come up with 5 unique ideas for you to think about.

1. Wedding Gown


White isn’t the only wedding gown color any more. Brides will frequently choose ivory or go for a more bold underlay such as pink or even blue!

2. Temporary Tattoo

A temporary tattoo can be a classy and very unique way to display your “something blue.” And it only lasts for the night.

Etsy: Tattoorary

3. Shoes

Add a burst of color in your feet! The blue in your shoes will show when you’re walking or once your dress is bustled.

For an alternative: Choose any color shoe you’d like and have your loved ones write sweet messages on the soles of your shoes in blue pen or marker before the ceremony.

4. Makeup

Add a loud pop of color by incorporating blue into your eye makeup. Or you can make it subtle by incorporating it into your smokey eye.

You could also choose a blue mascara, eyeliner, or if you’re daring enough: a lipstick.

5. Garter

If you’d like to be more subtle and keep your something blue hidden, a garter is the perfect way to go. The fabric of the garter could be blue, or you could even choose a white one with blue gems. There are many options for this!

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