My Birthday (mis) Adventure!

My Birthday (mis) Adventure

As many people know, my life is full of the weird and awkward moments. Like…more than it should be I’d say. My birthday was this past weekend and I’m going to tell the story in full of what happened. It wasn’t the most pleasant birthday I’ve had, but certainly interesting.

It began the night before my birthday. My boyfriend – Cory – wanted to order food, but I insisted on driving to try out this burrito place I had been wanting to try. He agreed since it was almost my birthday and we drove the 25 minutes to get me a burrito. The shop was practically in the middle of the woods. I ordered it to go so he could get food somewhere else and we went back to the car. We got in the car, I turned the key, and…it didn’t start. This had happened to me twice before and I knew it was bad. The car can’t be jumped. It wasn’t the battery as everything inside worked. The past two times, I had it towed and it started the next day.

We figured we’d just find a ride home and take his car back in the morning to see if it worked. So began the adventure of trying to find a ride 25 minutes home. We just moved to the area and don’t know many people. I texted everyone I knew (which isn’t a lot of people) and nobody was available. It was 8:30pm on a Friday night, so that made sense. Cory had gone inside the burrito shop to see if it was okay to leave the car there overnight. They mentioned that one of the employees lived in the same town as us and could give us a ride.

The shop closed at 9, so I sat in the car and ate my burrito (which was delicious, by the way) before we went on our way. We went into the shop to wait as they closed up. We sat at an empty booth for an hour while we waited for them to clean up, while we listened to the Telenova play in the background.

So it was 10pm by the time we got a ride back home. The two boys who brought us spoke mostly Spanish. We conversed a little bit, but then it was pretty much a separation of conversations until we got home. We get out of the car and I’m digging for my house keys when – oh no. Cory realizes he left his car key in my car. 25 minutes away.

So now we were stranded at our apartment with no way to get back to his car in the morning. We ordered him food (like he originally wanted). He didn’t eat dinner until like 11pm… Then we went to bed.

In the morning – it’s my birthday now – Cory texted the people that he knew in the area. No luck. I put on a blue, velvet jumpsuit because it’s my birthday and I do what I want. We called the only taxi in town and went on our way.

So it’s 9am and I am wearing a velvet jumpsuit. The taxi driver is a loud city man and I’m sitting in the front with him. 10 minutes into the taxi ride we mention something about our apartment and he says “OH! You guys live together?? In the morning I pick up a lot of people who had just met, you know? Like they don’t know each other and are going to different places. Lots of prostitutes or something like that.”. So…yes. Apparently my velvet jumpsuit and red hair led him to believe I was a prostitute.

I’m just trying to look good on my birthday.

After a very loud and odd car ride, we arrive back to my car and I pray to God that it starts so we don’t have to endure a ride back. It didn’t.

Cory grabbed his car key and we took the car ride back. The politically differentiating conversations in the car weren’t even the weirdest conversations we had with this man. $60 later we arrive back at our apartment and pack our bags, as we were supposed to be making a 2 hour trip that day for my birthday. We hop in Cory’s car and drive back to where mine was. On the drive, I called my roadside service for a tow truck. It was Memorial Day weekend, so many tow trucks were not available. After about 30 minutes I get a call back letting me know that they found a tow truck, but he was over an hour away so we’d have to wait.

So here we were, in a random parking lot in a wooded area waiting for a tow truck. It was kind of warm, so we spent our time standing outside of the car and walking around the buildings nearby. I eventually got bored and decided that we should photoshoot my outfit. So I made an impromptu photoshoot while waiting for my car to be towed. Here are some images:

Shop looks similar to this:

We sat back in the car to wait and rolled the windows down since it was warm. We are both sitting there on our phones when all of a sudden a BIRD tried flying into the car window! It came up to the window and fluttered its wings in a panic, unsure of whether to go in or not. Meanwhile, I was also panicking. I ducked and covered my head to the side to protect it from injury in case the bird decided to come into the window. Pretty much a heart attack…

The rest of the wait was pretty much calm until the tow man, with a strong Greek accent got there. We gave him the address to tow it to and I let him just take the car and we went on our way.

We got to our destination by 4pm, a place that I had previously hoped to arrive at by noon. I got a sunburn during our 2 hour waiting time, so my 25th birthday ended in covering me in vinegar and going to sleep smelling like a pickle. Great time.

At least I got some free things for my birthday?

A car update for anyone who is wondering: It was the starter. It is currently being fixed. Hopefully we will not have another one of these adventures for a long time.


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11 Replies to “My Birthday (mis) Adventure!”

  1. How unfortunate! I hate car trouble, but if you got through that this new year for you should be a piece of cake. 😉 Happy Birthday!
    Cheers, Sarah Camille //

  2. Wow!! I’m happy that the weekend turned out better for you!! Happy Belated Birthday!!

  3. At least the rest of the birthday weekend turned out good though. If things like this don’t happen you won’t have fun stories to tell about later.

  4. As my boyfriend’s niece would say, “If you can’t win, lose with style.”

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