For me, croquet defines summer. I played almost every summer of my childhood almost every day. My friends and I would have competitions and keep track of who won the most games every summer. I was a croquet master. However, I haven’t had the chance to play for about 5 years. I played again this past weekend with some friends and my love came back. I taught friends and that’s when I realized there are so many ways to play croquet. If you look online, there are a ton of different rules so I wanted to lay out the way that I learned and theRead More →

Did you know that many companies give away freebies or coupons just for it being your birthday? My birthday month is wrapping up, and during the whole month I went on a search to see what I would be able to get for free or for a discount in terms of beauty supplies. You usually have to sign up for a rewards program or a coupon list, but you literally get even more benefits by doing this. I’ve compiled a list for you of my 10 favorite birthday freebies that I found to be the best beauty or style discounts that you can get forRead More →

Everyone has a favorite pink or a favorite red or a favorite just plain loud lipstick color that they love to rock. But when it comes to your nude lipsticks, how did you find your favorite? It’s a little more difficult to find a nude shade that goes perfectly with your skin/hair tones. Now there may be a way to find out what your perfect nude lipstick color is. Just match it to the color of your nipples! Doctors off of the NBC show, The Doctors, revealed this information on a recent episode. In the now viral clip, the audience gets a kick out of it as the threeRead More →

I love clothing, but what I love more than clothing is cheap clothing. I love buying fashionable pieces on a budget! It’s great to know that you can look stylish for not a lot of money! I love when I get complimented on my clothing and I can respond with “Thanks! I got it for $5!”. One of my favorite shopping rules that I’ve learned through life is – “Will you use this x amount of times?” And apply the price in place of the x. If not, it’s usually not worth it. So when you get a piece of clothing for $5, you’re more thanRead More →

  Cinco De Mayo is a huge holiday for not only people in Mexico, but in America as well. Many Americans, however, do not even understand the concept of what the holiday is about. They just want to dress fashionably and go drink tequila (which by all means, you can do on any day!). The first step to not culturally appropriating your outfit while celebrating is to learn about the holiday and the fashions that inspired Mexican fashion for centuries. Cinco De Mayo in Mexico is a celebration of the defeat over the French army at the Battle of Puebla. The battle took place on May 5,Read More →

While fashion is a leading industry in the world, there are only a handful of companies who create their products sustainably while being environmentally conscious. Many companies don’t treat their workers as fairly as they deserve. I’d like to highlight some companies who excel in reducing environmental impact as well as treating their employees with excellence. Earth Day is every day and we should treat it that way in all aspects, especially fashion! Mayamiko About the company: Mayamiko combines African clothing-making techniques with current fashions. Established in Malawi in 2013, their looks are bold and you will stand out in any room! Why they areRead More →

Finding the perfect wedding gown is critical, but making sure the alterations are done well is almost as essential. When buying a dress, you want to make sure that you buy too big rather than too small. It is always easier (and less expensive) to take a dress in than to let it out. It’s rare for a bride to need no alterations at all, so when it’s time, you want to know what to do. Here are five important things you should know before getting your gown alterations.Read More →

Do your feet end up hurting after a long day or a night out? You try so many pairs of shoes, but can’t seem to find the perfect one. Some women seem to be able to wear any style of heel with  no problem, while others are uncomfortable no matter what. Now, thanks to podiatrist Emma Supple, there is a way to measure your ideal heel height based on the natural shape of your foot. Supple, a podiatrist out of London, has created the PHH formula (perfect heel height). This formula focuses on the talus, a large bone that connects your foot to the bottomRead More →