How to Dye Your Hair: An Easy Guide

I frequently dye my hair, but it hasn’t always been easy. For a long time I couldn’t figure out the whole hair dying thing. The hair dye wouldn’t stay. I even had it professionally done once and it only lasted about a week.

But now I figured it out! I had to look up many tutorials to do so, but I’ve perfected it. Like, super perfected it.

I was staying at a hotel one time where there was a hair styling convention. I saw a few of the hair dressers at breakfast and they talked to me about my hair and were shocked that I had done it myself from home. They were super impressed.

So now I want to help you all and give you my tutorial for what I personally do for my hair.

Note: My natural hair is generally light, so I do not bleach my hair beforehand. If you need to bleach your hair, find out how to do so safely, then follow these steps.

What you need

  • Hair dye
    • The brand that works best for me is Special Effects. I haven’t found a brand that works nearly as well as this one does. I use the color Nuclear Red.
    • For me, it doesn’t bleed onto my clothing or pillowcase and it doesn’t smell bad. I love it.
  • Rubber gloves
    • I’ve done it without gloves before. Trust me. You want gloves.
  • Bowl
  • Paper Towels
  • Hair Tie
  • Conditioner, vaseline, etc.


  1. I begin by lying down the paper towels. I put them over the sink and on the floor. This is just extra protection in case you drop some.
  2. Cover your face, ears, and neck with the conditioner (or whatever you’ve chosen). This will allow the dye to come off of you in the shower more easily should you get it on your skin. You will 99% get some on your skin.
  3. Put the dye in a bowl. Try to get the total amount that you will use in the bowl beforehand so that you don’t have to figure out adding more with dye covered gloves. The more often you dye your hair, the better sense you’ll get of how much you’ll need.
  4. I dye my hair in layers, so I prepare my bottom layer at this point.
  5. Put on your rubber gloves and get ready to go.

Dying Your Hair

  1. As stated above, I dye my hair in layers. I highly recommend this if you have long or thick hair. I do mine in three layers, starting with the bottom, innermost layer and moving up.
  2. Apply the dye generously. Make sure every bit is wet with dye and make sure you get the back of your head.
  3. Make sure every layer is even and every spot contains dye. You may have to run your fingers through to ensure that you get every hair. Also look at your hair from different angles to make sure you didn’t miss any spots. Be careful of getting too much of your scalp.
  4. Once done, I put my hair in a bun for the wait time so that it doesn’t touch a lot of things.

Side note: If you’re using red, it will look like a horror movie.


  1. Read the bottle of the dye you use for suggested wait time. Some dyes can be up to 40 minutes, but Special Effects only has a 15 minute wait time. Of course, the longer you leave the dye in your hair the more vibrant it will be. This can vary with your natural hair color as well.
  2. I usually take this time to clean up from dying my hair so that I don’t have to afterward.
  3.  Also take selfies.


  1. Most dyes recommend rinsing with cold water. (I have a very hard time doing this).
  2. Rinse your hair fully until the dye stops bleeding into the water.
  3. Once the water is clear, add shampoo to your hair and repeat rinsing until the water is clear.
  4. Add conditioner if you use it and finish your shower like normal.
  5. Do not get dye in your eye. I did this last time I dyed my hair. It hurt.


After dying your hair, the more you wash it, the faster it will fade. I wash it every couple of days and use a shower cap the other days and use dry shampoo when needed. It’s also recommended that you wash with cold water every time you wash your hair.

When regularly dying my hair, I touch it up about every 3-4 weeks. The amount you wash your hair, the color, etc. can change how long your dye will last. Red hair is known for fading the fastest, so of course that’s the color I like best.

Wrapping it up:

Do you dye your hair? What color? Or what color do you wish you could dye your hair? Let me know in the comments below!

Also let me know if you have any additional questions and I’ll answer them!

I’ve put together a few items that will be helpful to you in your hair dying experience:


*Affiliate links included. I do make commission off of any purchases made, but usually hand pick the items so they are ones I truly recommend.*

Disclaimer: These are the steps that I personally use for my hair. This may not work with the same results on every person’s hair. Use hair dye responsibly and follow the rules. I am not responsible for any misuse of the product.

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  2. Your hair looks fab! I’ve had a bit of a horror movie experience with red dye before and definitely confirm that gloves are essential!

  3. Mine contains conditioner but I like the extra smooth of the conditioner.
    Also applying shampoo gets off the extra chemicals that you don’t necessarily get when just rinsing.
    But everybody works differently! 🙂

  4. A lot of these hair dyes contain conditioner in them, so I usually wash my hair first (with no conditioner), dry it completely and then apply the hair dye and wash it off. No need to apply shampoo again as it washes off some of the dye, I find this gives you an extra wash out of the dye.

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