I’m a blonde!

On my new Youtube channel, I bleach my hair with a friend!

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I’ve always wanted to have my hair super blonde during the holidays but never fully committed, nor did I want to pay for a salon to do it.

This only cost me about $20 in products and it came out so well! We were unsure.

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A list of products we used in the video:

L’Oreal Quick Blue: http://amzn.to/2AOyugZ
Clairol Pure White 20 Developer:
Wella Color Charm Toner T18:
Eva NYC Mane Magic 10-in-1 Primer:
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10 Replies to “I’m a blonde!”

  1. You really suit being blonde! I’m currently pink and missing my blonde, I always get fed up of it and go to other colours but I always return 😉 looks like you’ve done a great job with yours!

  2. Really suits you I think it should be a keeper! I was a barber for many years and colouring was my favourite part of the job. Make sure you’re doing a skin test every single time you colour your own, it can leave a nasty reaction!

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