An Impromptu Photoshoot Adventure + A Giveaway!

An Impromptu Photoshoot Adventure + A Giveaway!

An Impromptu Photoshoot Adventure

love adventure. I try to incorporate it into my everyday life, whether it be hang gliding or a simple trip to the grocery store and make it an adventure.

My boyfriend Cory and I were on a separate adventure one day when we stumbled upon this awesome church – abandoned with no windows and doors. There were a couple of other people there and we decided to go adventure inside.

When we were done taking photos of the outside, we stepped inside. It was nice and cool for the very hot day. (It was around 90 degrees that day). The wind blew through very nicely. There were birds flying around inside, as they had moved inside. You could see nests if you looked up. The floor was dirt and there were a few benches and random pieces of furniture. What had we stumbled upon?

It turns out that the church was built in 1890 to replace a church that had burned down. It ended up being abandoned soon after, as the town was creating a large water supply. They allowed the structure to remain, however.

I decided to make the most of the moment and had Cory take a few photos of me (I snapped one of him too). We also took selfies. Make any moment a photoshoot!

It was surely an adventure – and it was on our way to another adventure! We also got homemade ice cream in between! Mine was blueberry. Yum!

You can’t have too many adventures in a day.

A Giveaway

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Try them out if you win this giveaway, PLUS get 25! This giveaway in itself is an adventure.

Viter Energy Mints with $25 Grand Prize Giveaway

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Comment below and let me know about one of your favorite day-adventures that you’ve gone on! I’m excited to read your replies!

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