Vacation Looks!

Vacation Looks!

Jumping on the Beach

I recently went on vacation to the Outer Banks in North Carolina. It was a great time of warmth and good outfits. I made my boyfriend take photos of me every day (Thanks Cory) so that I could share my looks with you. Here they are!

Pink 90's Outfit


The first day after arriving was actually pretty cold. I wore a dress, but carried a long sleeve shirt with me and wore boots. I inadvertently created a 90’s look because of this and I kept laughing about it.




Probably my favorite look from the whole vacation was when I wore this Hawaiian shirt crop top and paired it with green cargo shorts and looked 100% like a tourist. But like an ironic tourist I suppose. Literally you should have seen me once I put my camera around my neck. Tourist.

Vacation by the Beach

My favorite part about this look, though, was that I did it to match my boyfriend and we look great on this boat. And both look like tourists. SO GOOD.

Matching Couple

Also I bought this sunhat during vacation which I totally wore most days. It changed all of my outfits.

Jumping on the Beach                    Swimsuit and Sunhat                    Sunhat Vacation

We went shopping for a few of the days, so I tried to pick cute looks that would have been more difficult for me to wear on the beach. I looked cute, even through my giant humidity-ridden hair.

Alice in Wonderland Dress           Skirt Top Outfit

For the second of those two looks, I chose a bright floral skirt to match my excited feel of vacation. Since the skirt was so loud, I chose to pair it with a black top, but black does not mean boring. The lace detail on it is so beautiful.

Skirt Top Outfit


Swimsuit Sun God

I bought this swimsuit for $20 by the way. I have a two-piece similar to this, but one pieces are really in style. I literally bought it 3 days before vacation. It was on sale for $30 and when I got to the cash register, it rang up as $20. I was pumped!

So pumped that I praised the sun gods.

Also it went amazing with that sunhat. I really like black and white clothing paired together.



Finally, the look of all looks. We have an annual ping pong tournament every year. I play decently, but nowhere near the point of winning. I was talking to my boyfriend’s 10-year old niece earlier in the day and she created the best catchphrase:

“If you can’t win, lose with style.”

I had been saving this outfit for the right moment in vacation. And after she said that, I knew this was the moment I had been waiting for.

Ping Pong Onesie

Even though I lost ping pong, it was declared that I had won best outfit of the night. So, if nothing else: be stylish.


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  1. Love the pink dress and the sun hat aswell 🙂 ! But the ping pong outfit is the best , haha 🙂 !

  2. Great post! I love the swimsuit, beach hat and colorful skirt. Looks like y’all had a blast!

  3. Well as a 90s chick I have to say I love the first look😉 But all of these are super cute, I love how tou pair floral with non-pattern black. Really cool.

  4. Love your looks! Every outfit looks cute and comfy and perfect for a vacation. I totally love that hat though:)

  5. Author

    Thank you! I did! This is my third year down there. We went to Ocracoke the first year but the ferry took so long that we haven’t gone back since. Lol.

  6. I love the Outer Banks. We vacation down there — actually past to Ocracoke Island every year. I love the black bathing suit and the one that you posted from Amazon (the back is so cute). Hope you had a great time!

  7. Author

    I realized that after the photos were taken. I was barefoot because I had been on the beach, but wore the same sandals that are in other photos once we went shopping. (I could only fit so many shoes in my suitcase. Lol.)

  8. i like the way you carry the pieces. My favourite is the floral skirt paired with the lacey black top. I hope you wore something in your feet so that i could get an idea for the foot wear 🙂

  9. I loved many of the pieces you brought with you. That sunhat is fabulous! I would have worn it every day, too. Your Hawaiian crop top and green shorts outfit was my favourite one you wore, too.

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