Why I Don’t Wash My Hair Every Day

Why I Don’t Wash My Hair Every Day

Drying Hair

I used to wash my hair every day. I don’t like germs and I felt that washing it every day was what was necessary. Once I read the benefits of washing your hair every other day or every three days, I decided to try it. My hair – which used to be so knotty and tangly and a pain to style is now manageable! That’s something I thought would never happen with my thick hair. It’s changed my time getting ready in the morning drastically. They key is only wash your hair when you need to. You will know. For some people, it happens to be every day. For others it’s every other day or every three days. You have to figure out what’s best for your hair. If you’re working out every day, it may be necessary to wash it every day. If not, don’t add the extra stress to your hair. Here is why it’s beneficial not to wash your hair every day:

It fades color

Dyed Hair


The reason I started washing my hair every 2-3 days in the first place was because I was dying my hair at the time. It dyed it red. While all colors fade with washing, red fades the fastest. When I was washing my hair every day, my color would fade in about a week. Once I spaced it out, my color lasted three to four weeks. It was great!



It dries out your hair

Washing your hair every day strips your hair of its natural oils. I noticed my hair being very dry and I was getting split ends. When I spaced out washing my hair, the quality and texture improved so much more! Now my hair doesn’t feel like it’s about to break off.



Not washing your hair every day makes styling easier. You don’t have to use heat products on your hair every day, which is better for your hair all around. If your hair was styled nicely the day before, it remains very similar for the next day. Sometimes I will braid my hair when it’s wet, and I have nice waves for a couple of days. If I straighten it the day I wash my hair, I can have a straight look for a few days. The only product I put in my hair is dry shampoo, and I only do that when I need to. Not every day. Just when my hair needs a little freshening.

This is what I use. I’ve been using the tropical one, but I honestly prefer the original:

Too much product

Washing your hair means shampoo. But not only shampoo. Also conditioner, and anything else you put into styling afterward. This is so many chemicals to be using every day! When I do wash my hair, I prefer to use argan oil rather than conditioner when I can (and it honestly works better).

It saves money!

All of the product that you’re saving on the days that you don’t shampoo also saves you money! You don’t have to buy it as frequently and it saves you on trips trying to fix your damaged or dry hair.

I still shower every day

While I don’t wash my hair every day, I do shower every day. To make it easier, I have a cute shower cap. People always ask me where I get cute shower caps, but they’re easy to get – and fairly cheap too (remember that saving money thing?)! Here are some of my favorites:


If you haven’t tried this yet, I recommend you try and let me know what improves for your hair! My biggest improvement is that my hair and scalp aren’t as dry as they used to be. It saves me time and money – which are also super beneficial! Hairstylists recommend it for the health of your hair, so why not give it a try?


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  1. Author

    Shower caps saved my hair styling life. Lol

  2. These are great points not to wash your hair every day. They say that after awhile your body adapts to your hair washing amount in a way that your hair does not get as greasy as quick. The shower cap is a great idea. I always just put my hair in a bun and end up coming out with crinkled hair from my hair tie therefore still having to use heated items to restyle my hair.

  3. Author

    Hi! Most of this information is from personal experience or word of mouth. Glad I could help you!

  4. After I had my baby, I started washing my hair about twice a week as I found that the more I washed it the more oil there was, it didn’t feel or look great! Now I’m down to 1-2 washes a week and my hair has been its best! Thanks for sharing.

  5. These are really good points. I agree it dries out your hair if you dye your hair quite often. Even before I started colouring my hair I’d wash it everyday and it would still dry out.

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